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Improved 2016 shape for better pistol shooting.

Alle sizes fit the Dutch MOD bullet proof plates
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  • soft amour

In use with the Dutch KCT and MARSOF

Developed with direct SF operator input Profile presents the MORAL SF vest. Based on an existing system a new vest has been developed that takes away all complaint from older vests. The chest has been made slimmer enhancing the flexibility of the operator.
By incorporating an new type of cummerbund, a large part of the weight is being transferred from the shoulders to the hip. Needless to say this feature greatly provides more comfort for the user giving him more endurance. All satisfactory specifications have been maintained or improved. The plate pockets have been strengthened and made to fit European sized plates. The vest can be ordered with a complete assortment of ballistic accessories: side plates, groin- neck and upper arm soft armor protection. If necessary the vest is also available in a front opening configuration. Shown here is the side opening version as in use with Royal Netherlands Army SF. The Quick Release enables the operator or his team member in case of maritime, vehicle related or medical emergencies to quickly jettison the vest. The QR is ambidextrous. In case of the front opening version the QR can be put on the left or right side..

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